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The system is based on the theory of a the seven intelligences and uses a intricate dice system, based on the bell curve spread of results when several dice are rolled together.

The system has six ability spheres, called Talents derived from the intelligences, with 9 levels in each sphere.
You buy a number of levers in each sphere, starting with Basic, then common… each level thereafter is assigned it’s own word by the layer. If you bought a third level in Logic, this word could be Mathematical. The number of levels and the words combined, tells the player and the GM what are this characters talents.

The dice mechanic takes it outset in the normal spread of a dice pool. In most rolls, you want to roll 13, or at least within 12-15. Thus if you are good at something and it is considered routine for you, you roll 3d8 – is there something you might have a chance at, and take a shot at it, you roll a d24. If you try something extremely hard, you have to make an “inverted roll” – you now get the 3d8 but this time you must roll 3 or 24.

The system is created by Ryan Rohde(gm) for Saya, translated and referenced here by Troels Rohde(player) under the working title Belle.

Talents and Character Creation

The Dice Mechanic

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